What is a Green Roof?

The green roof is a cool type of roof that is not just good for the ecology but can also be excellent at managing the temperatures inside the home as well as its immediate environment.

The advantages of a green roof:

• Insulation value of the roof is significantly improved. Research carried out in Canada found that cooling requirements are usually reduced to 26 percent during summer in houses with these kinds of roofs. Also, winter heat losses are reduced by 26 percent. In either case, we have a dramatic savings in energy expenses alone.

• While reducing electrical power expenses, greening the roof boosts the lifespan of it and most of its additional components by 3 times. These roofs shield the roof from the weathering effects of higher temperatures. Throughout the summer months surface temperature could increase by 80 degrees Celsius. Heated items expand.

• Many governments support roof greening because it is an extremely effective way of managing urban heat islands. Particularly in urban and locations where housing is overloaded, roofs of houses that were built of conventional materials soak in the warmth from the sun as well as re emit this back to the surrounding areas that leads to raises in temperatures. This re emitting of the sun’s rays causes the environment to heat up by 4 degrees Celsius that over burdening power grids and producing high energy producing expenses apart from the distress that results.

• Such roofs have shown to retain as much as 75 percent of water. This equals reducing runoff water and decongesting the sewage and drains during rains and is particularly beneficial in areas where we have a combined sewer-storm water systems. The retained water is released back into the atmosphere since the crops retain the contaminants contributing to cleaner air and environment.

• Space is actually expensive. Turning the space green makes this part of the home useful not just as a space to grow crops but as a habitat for plats, small animals, and insects.

• A green roof adds significantly to the visual appeal of the house. In urban settings, a green roofed houses raises in value.

• This type of roofs in rural settings could be built in order to imitate its surrounding providing it an aesthetically pleasing visual effect.

Many Governments all over the world is actually supporting the green roof program as well as conducting trainings apart from laws and regulations that are passed in support of it. Green roofs are not only superb roofing alternatives; when adopted widely, green roofs will aid in making healthier cities.